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  3. 點(diǎn)擊以繁體中文方式瀏覽
       Plastic compass in wooden box
       Special plastic compass
       Self-adjusting magnetic compas
       Brass compass w/ aluminum seat
       Brass compass w/ wooden case
       Brass compass with wooden box
       Plastic compass w/ wooden box
       Normal light series
       Colorful light series
       New colorful light series
       Super light series
       Fish float mark light
       Flush Mount CeilingLightSeries
       Ceiling Light Series
       Ball Steep Light Series
       Panel Light Series
       Down Lamp Series
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         ZANWAY Industry co.ltd was sets up in 1987 located in Guangdong Province,China. It is a major technological enterprise in Shanwei. We are a professional manufacturer in producing navigation equipment and fishing equipment. With the principle of " Quality first, Reputation first " , Company launch 2-3 new product into market every year. Because of the good quality and competitive price of our product, we have a good reputation in local and oversea market. As we concentrate on improving the quality system, management and technology, The company is growing. The fixed asset of the company is more than 5 million. The company set of advanced equipment of computer, injection molding machine,ultrasonic detector and production line. The old factory covers an area of 5000 square meters and a new factory which covers an area of 20000 square meters is being built. We have 150 employees of which 30 are engineers and technicians, and five of them are senior. We have developed several product series including compass, north pointer, Digital direction finder, power save fishnet mark light, signal light, ship-use charger. We have established a sales network. In addition to sell our product in China we have sold our product in 15 country and districts in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and south American as well as in Hongkong and Taiwan.
        We welcome you to visit us and we will provide the best service and product to you.

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