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    The king of saving energy fishnet mark light

    Our company with the tenet of  “practical to innovation, incessant to prusue, by the scientific research department members for many years research and exploration with great concentration , in 2006 our company successfully promotes another high and new technology procuct"the king of saving energy net light. The new generation “king of saving energy” net light use the newest saving energy circuity techonology , more enhance the service life for dry battery , causes it to consume the electricity rate to reduce greatly, more saving energy for above 40 percent than the same kind of products ,  moreover the light feeling is brighter.
    YULI brand drive optical network lights and the colourful New torpedo lights product range, is use of new improved power spring-loaded contacts, contacts larger, use more flexibility, and must change the old generation network light bending of “spring –loaded” installation use error-prone,lean, exposed the defects.

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