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  3. 點(diǎn)擊以繁體中文方式瀏覽
       Plastic compass in wooden box
       Special plastic compass
       Self-adjusting magnetic compas
       Brass compass w/ aluminum seat
       Brass compass w/ wooden case
       Brass compass with wooden box
       Plastic compass w/ wooden box
       Normal light series
       Colorful light series
       New colorful light series
       Super light series
       Fish float mark light
       Flush Mount CeilingLightSeries
       Ceiling Light Series
       Ball Steep Light Series
       Panel Light Series
       Down Lamp Series
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    Self-adjusting compass

    Our company totally solved the technology difficult problem for compass making water and bringing air bubble, the newest "automatic fluid-refilling and bubble-removing compass radically resolve the difficult problem for compass making water and bring air bubble that had been researched and explored by the general manager Hezhanhui who is our Zhanhui industry &commerce co.,Ltd. This product has obtained the national utility model patent(the patent number:03225983.2 ).

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